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My Journey to crack Project Management Ready Certification exam from PMI. (click here)

PM Ready exam assesses member’s basic skillset on Waterfall & Agile Project management methodology and Business analyst activities.

(click here) to get the exam syllabus list


I bought PMI-Certiport’s learning locker and went through each topic in detail. Additionally, I used web resources and took my mentor’s help to immerse myself in the topic. I also had a glance through “Rita Mulcahy's PMP Exam Prep” book.


I also took few mock exams for gaining confidence during the actual assessment.


I will be happy to share my knowledge and give helping hands to other aspirants who are interested in clearing this exam.

Kindly (click here) to block my calendar to help us discuss further if you need any support.

Please (click here) if you would like to get updates regarding videos on Project Management Ready which I will be posting from 15th May-21.

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